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Fires ravaged Virginia City many times in the past. After the 1875 fire, the entire center of town was rebuilt within an 18-month timeframe.
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Virginia City Saloons

Pull up a Seat at Our Old West Saloons 

The hard life and good times of the Comstock are remembered throughout town in its ten saloons.  No other type of business dominates the landscape of this historic mining town, where there once were as many as 115 bars and saloons. Many saloons have maintained their 19th century appearance and stepping in their doors is like stepping back in time.  A visitor today can get much more than their favorite cocktail at any one of the town's ten bars; they'll get a history lesson and an experience to last a lifetime. So pull up a seat and listen up! Following are a few of our most popular tales from the Comstock's saloon days:

The Delta Saloon and Casino is home to the "suicide table" where heavy gaming losses led to gamblers losing their lives in the height of the mining and milling period. Truth be told, one Black Jake reportedly lost $70,000 in one night before turning a gun on himself.

More peaceful, loving gatherings may have come in the 20th century when the likes of legendary rock singer Janis Joplin made an appearance at the Red Dog Saloon in 1968 with the house act Big Brother Holding Co. – which became her backup band in San Francisco.

The Millionaires Washoe Club of 1862, the oldest saloon in Virginia City, still wields the closest thing to opulence and age in this old western town with the original chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. On the wall a sign has been added that describes a world where elite men could call up a beer, whiskey or cigar for just 25 cents.

The Gold Hill Saloon is rooted in history, beginning as The Riesen House in 1859. Legend has it Mark Twain and The Monumental Liars Club hung out here, and according to local lore, ghosts Rosie and William still live there. 


The Saloons of Virginia City


Bonanza Saloon

The Bonanza Saloon is a long-standing traditionbonanza on the Comstock. Pull up a seat and enjoy a cold one as you gaze at the 100-mile view. 

27 C Street
Virginia City, NV 89440

Bucket of Blood

The Bucket of Blood  has been serving 'em up since 1876. The building was constructed after the BucketofBloodGreat Fire of 1875 and sits on the remnants of Boston Saloon and is marked as a National Landmark for this. Most weekends you can enjoy live music from David John and the Comstock Cowboys, the official house band of the saloon. 

1 South C Street
Virginia City, NV 89440

Café Del Rio
From the historic Werrin Building, originally a grocery store and rooming house, Café del Rio has been serving up authentic Southwest flavors since 2005. cafe del rio 1Using fresh quality ingredients, food is prepared from scratch with traditional techniques and a sincere desire to please and impress. Pull up a seat at the bar to wash down the authentic Southwest cuisine. 

394 South C Street 
Virginia City,  NV 89440
Café Del Rio on

Delta Saloon
The Historic Delta Saloon, 1865 one of, if not the oldest,Delta1 most historic property in Virginia City. Serving hot food, cold drinks and good times. Come and enjoy the atmosphere that can only be provided in an ole' watering hole of Virginia City

18 C Street 
Virginia City,  NV 89440

Gold Hill Saloon

The Gold Hill Saloon is rooted in history, beginning as The Riesen House in 1859 and 006known as the oldest operating hotel in Nevada.  Legend has it Mark Twain and The Monumental Liars Club hung out here. Former hotel guests and residents Rosie and William, who died at a ripe old age, are said to still frequent rooms and rearrange items belonging to guests.

1540 Main Street
Gold Hill, NV 89440

Firehouse BBQ
An indoor/outdoor BBQ restaurant and bar serving cooked-to-order hamburgers, grilled hot dogs, pulled pork sandwiches, smoked turkey and country-style pork ribs.firehouse bbq Owner and in-house BBQer, Rich Connell, received his training while working for the Redding Fire Dept. Once in Virginia City, look for the only outdoor seating place with shade, music and pine trees. Or just follow your nose towards the south end of town.

171 South C Street 
Virginia City,  NV 89440
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Mark Twain Saloon
The Mark Twain Saloon is tucked away along the boardwalk, a great little gem located in the Comstock Lode Mining District. The only 24/7 spot in town.mark twain update

62 S C St.
Virginia City, NV 89440

Mellow Fellow of Virginia City
vc-mellow-fellowServing American craft beers with 24 constantly rotating taps, craft cocktails, growler fills and bottle sales, Mellow Fellow is there to quench your thirst. Also serving locally made supreme sausages.

171 South C Street
Virginia City, NV 89440
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Old Corner Bar

Attached to Piper’s Opera House, Old Corner bar is a great place to wet your whistle while on B Street. old corner barOne of the only saloons located off the main thoroughfare of Virginia City. In the winter you can find a warm spot next to the fire or enjoy a seat out front in the summer with your drink of choice.

12 North B Street
Virginia City, NV 89440
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Ponderosa Saloon

There are more than 150 years of history in Ponderosa Saloon, previously the Sharon Ponderosa SaloonHouse and current home of the old Bank of California vault from 1864. Take the 25 minute guided underground mine tour with over 300 pieces of antique mining equipment on display. After the tour enjoy a cold drink and a Pondo Dog!

106 South C Street
Virginia City, NV 89440
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Red Dog Saloon and Pizza Parlor

Enjoy a locals favorite bar and Chicago-style pizza all in the ambience of the Red Dog Saloon 11-14-13old Red Dog Saloon, dating back to the heyday of the Comstock mines when the saloon was known as the Comstock House. In 1965 the Charlatans, hailing from San Francisco, were hired as the house band, thus beginning psychedelic rock on the Comstock. The likes of Janis Joplin and other musicians joined the ranks of musical acts playing on the Comstock.

76 North C Street
Virginia City, NV 89440

Red Light Lounge
Closed until Spring 2017
The Mustang Ranch Steakhouse is also home to the Red Light Lounge, a saloon that is Virginia City to its core. RLL logo NEW FINALThe Red Light Lounge is closed except for private parties. To host a party, inquire at 775-847-4188.

5 North C Street 
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Silver Queen

The tallest bar in Virginia City was built in 1876 at the Silver Queen. Also, home to the portrait of the “Silver Queen” who's silver queendress is inlaid with 3,261 silver dollars which represent how deep the Combination Shaft goes down and 28 twenty dollar gold pieces. The Queen is one of the most famous tributes to the Comstock of the past.

28 North C Street
Virginia City, NV 89440

Virginia City Brewery and Taphouse

The Virginia City Brewery and Taphouse have a lot to boast about! They are the only vc taphousebrewery on the hill and proudly serve Comstock made craft beers. Grab yourself a seat in this 1876 historic building for a cold one. The Taphouse also offers their customers the ability to order food from other local businesses including Red Dog Saloon. 

62 North C Street
Virginia City, NV 89440

Virginia City Cigar and Bar
The newest drinking parlor on the Comstock. cigarandbar signLocated in a former morgue, this full-service cigar bar offers smooth drinks and an inviting atmosphere. Pull up a stool at the bar or hang out in the sunroom, you can't go wrong with a view that goes on for miles. 

69 North C Street
Virginia City,  NV 89440
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Washoe Club

Original chandeliers hang from the ceiling at the oldest saloon in Virginia City: Washoe Club 2The Millionaires Washoe Club of 1862. On the wall, a description of a world in which elite men could call up a beer, whiskey or cigar for just 25 cents provides a glimpse into a place where modest prospectors-turned-mining-millionaires could find their own special hideaway in the heyday of the widely competitive mineral "rush." 

112 S C Street
Virginia City, NV 89440