The Fourth Ward School, referred to as "The Last One Standing," is the only four-story wooden structure of its type in the U.S.

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Virginia City Restaurants

Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner, "Virginia City-style!"

Virginia City offers a variety of restaurants, eateries, snack shops and even a few catering companies. Choose from a variety of eateries in town. From hot dogs to fine dining, café faire with traditional American cuisine, deli, Chinese, Tex-Mex, or barbeque cooked on site. Café del Rio highlights "out west cuisine" such as chili relleno and Cabo tostada. With Virginia City's list of eateries, you won't leave hungry! Forget reservations and ties, come as you are could be the mantra in a town linking restaurants and bars by boarded sidewalks.

Our annual special events throughout the year also bring out unique food opportunities. The Rocky Mountain Oyster Festival offers gourmet beef testicle dishes. Our ICS Chili Cook-Off brings chefs from all over the world to compete in this fun event.

For after meals treats, Virginia City Baked Goods has a selection of bread and blackberry treats, while the Virginia City Beef Jerky Co. will appeal to the strict carnivore in the group. divider_line_long

Restaurants and Other Eateries


Barrels O’Candy
13 North C Street
(775) 847-9500
Barrels O’Candy on

The Bonanza Café (catering available)
27 North C Street
(775) 847-7122
The Bonanza Café on

Café Del Rio
394 South C Street
(775) 847-5151
Café Del Rio on

Comstock Corner Cafe
109 South C Street
(775) 847-7301
Comstock Corner Cafe on 

Comstock Creamery & Firehouse BBQ(catering available)
171 South C Street 
(775) 847-7744

Core at the Cider Factory
420 South B Street
(775) 453-5167 

Crown Point Restaurant
Gold Hill Hotel
1540 Main Street
(775) 847-0111

Delta Saloon
18 South C Street
(775) 847-0789
Delta Saloon on

Grandma’s Fudge
P.O. Box 179
(775) 847-0770

Mark Twain Saloon
62 South C Street
(775) 847-0599

Millionaires Washoe Club
112 South C Street
(775) 847-4467
Washoe Club on

Mustang Ranch Steakhouse & Hunter's Lounge
5 North C Street
(775) 847-4188

Palace Restaurant
54 South C Street
(775) 847-4441
Palace Restaurant on

Ponderosa Saloon
106 South C Street
(775) 847-7210
Ponderosa Saloon on

Red Dog Saloon & Pizza Parlor
76 North C Street
(775) 847-7474

Red's Old Fashioned Candies
68 South C Street
(775) 847-0404
Red's Old Fashioned Candies on

Sawdust Corner (catering available)
24 South C Street
(775) 847-0789
Sawdust Corner on

Silver Queen Hotel & Wedding Chapel
28 North C
(775) 847-0440

The Roasting House
55 North C Street
(775) 847-0708

Virginia City Baked Goods
32 North C Street
(775) 847-4708
Virginia City Baked Goods on Facebook

Virginia City Beef Jerky Company
204 South C Street
(775) 847-7444
Virginia City Beef Jerky Company on
Virginia City Beef Jerky Company on Facebook