The original pipeline of 1873 still supplies water to Virginia City from Marlette Lake, high above Lake Tahoe.

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Come for the day and spend the night!

Virginia City is ranked among the nation's top twelve most distinctive destinations, and we enjoy millions of visitors every year. They come to walk, dine, and enjoy a drink in Nevada's living history. Virginia City invites visitors to share in the ambiance of this old western haven long after sundown, dinner, and a few nightcaps. We pride ourselves in being perfect hosts, and we want to make sure your stay at Virginia City is a memorable one. Take some extra time to enjoy your visit, and remember to bring your pajamas!



Virginia City and Gold Hill have over 150 rooms available for travelers. Some of our establishments have histories as colorful as the towns themselves. Learn more »



Park your slippers under one of our beds! Enjoy home away from home at one of Virginia City's exceptional bed and breakfast inns. Learn more »



Hot dogs to fine dining, deli and Chinese, café faire with traditional American cuisine, Tex-Mex, or barbeque cooked on site. What's your taste? Learn more »



Red Dog Saloon, Bonanza Casino, Bucket of Blood, Mark Twain Saloon, Washoe Club, Gold Hill Saloon . . . need we say more? Yes, because the list goes on and on! Learn more »