Stock price manipulation was an art. Fed champagne and oysters, miners were kept underground for many days to keep good or bad news secret.
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Virginia City has a slew of attractions and events to educate, excite, enlighten, and make you a devoted fan of this Comstock mining town. This is a place where "rags to riches" was a natural path for lucky residents, and now as a visitor, you can join in the fun and adventure. Tour the Chollar Mine, considered one of the richest places in the world. Or hop the famous Virginia & Truckee Railroad and take the path through the historic Comstock. Whatever you decide to see, Virginia City offers a wide selection of guided and self-guided tours, tour packages and group tours. Choose the best way for you to experience one of the greatest mining towns in the west.

For attraction details, contact the Virginia City Tourism Commission at (800) 718-7587 

V & T Railroad Ride & Tours

Take a Ride on the V&T: Travel aboard Nevada's most famous short line, and feel what it was like to ride into Virginia City "back in the day."
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Mines & Mine Tours

Going Deep Into Mining History: Learn what made the State of Nevada what is today, and how Virginia City was the iconic mining town. Learn more »

Historic Walking Tour

Let's Take a Walk on the Wild Side: We're currently updating our historic walking tour to provide our visitors the richest Virginia City experience possible. Learn more »

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 Trolley Tours

Traveling the Streets, Virginia City-style: Take a trolley tour to feel what it was like to get around Virginia City in the golden days. Learn more »