The Virginia City and Gold Hill areas had 35 to 40 thousand people in the mid 1870s.

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At its peak, Virginia City was a thriving, vibrant metropolis of 25,000 citizens. Silver and gold was buried deep beneath her streets and men and women traveled from around the world to live and work. Miners pulled millions of dollars from shafts and tunnels 3,000 feet beneath the city. The spirits of those Comstock "originals" still inhabit the places where they once worked, lived, worshiped, were educated, and died. Today, visitors to Virginia City can walk with these past residents in the shadow of Sun Mountain. Don't forget to pack your passion and imagination for your step back in time.

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The 19th century mining bonanza made Virginia City the most important industrial city between Denver and San Francisco and turned destitute prospectors into millionaires. Learn more »



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At an elevation of 6,220 feet, Virginia City's high desert climate varies greatly from winter to summer, so it's always best to plan ahead. Learn more »


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